Announcing NExTWORKx

We proudly announce NExTWORKx, an intensive research collaboration between Delft University of Technology and Koninklijke KPN N.V. We have formulated a cutting-edge research program that aims to develop first-rate technologies in areas of 5G, blockchain and artificial intelligence. With the collaboration, both parties aspire to further develop the new disruptive technologies that have recently been seeing exponential growth in their application.

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Mathematics excerpt from Online Optimization of Product-Form Networks
New publications

Online optimization of product-form networks

We presented Online optimization of product-form networks at Valuetools 2012, which is joint work between Jaron Sanders, Sem C. Borst and Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden. You can read it here. Abstract We develop an online gradient algorithm for optimizing the performance of product-form networks through online adjustment of control parameters. The use of standard algorithms

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