July 29, 2019

Revision of and reading aids for Clustering in Block Markov Chains

We have revised Clustering in Block Markov Chains based on comments by our scientific peers. You can find the revised version in this post and the latest version in my list of publications. As always, we have also made the revision available on arXiv.

Clustering in Block Markov Chains (revision of 2019)

Reading aids

We have also created two reading aids: a symbol list and a mindmap of the proof. I now make these available to you and if you decide to read our revised manuscript, I hope you find these useful. You don’t need them (the manuscript is self-contained) but these can be convenient.

Here is a symbol list, summarizing most of the notation we used in the manuscript. Please be aware that this document is a work document, and may contain mistakes.

Here is a mindmap of the proofs in the manuscript. The connections indicate roughly which results rely on which other results. Usually, I looked at whether the results referenced, relied on, or used each other. This map was manually constructed and so it may contain mistakes.