March 4, 2014

STAtOR journalistic-style article

Our submission Wireless network control of interacting Rydberg atoms, which is joint work between Jaron Sanders, Rick van Bijnen, Edgar Vredenbregt and Servaas Kokkelmans, has been accepted for publication as a Letter in Physical Review Letters. You can read it here.


We identify a relation between the dynamics of ultra-cold Rydberg gases in which atoms experience a strong dipole blockade and spontaneous emission, and a stochastic process that models certain wireless random-access networks. We then transfer insights and techniques initially developed for these wireless networks to the realm of Rydberg gases, and explain how the Rydberg gas can be driven into crystal formations using our understanding of wireless networks. Notably, we also propose a method to determine Rabi frequencies (laser intensities) such that particles in the Rydberg gas are excited with specified target excitation probabilities.