March 4, 2014

STAtOR journalistic-style article

As of April 2000, the Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research, VvS+OR, regularly publishes journalistic-style articles in a journal called STAtOR. Their latest issue contains a Dutch article about my research, entitled “Atomaire Gassen en Draadloze Netwerken”.

What is STAtOR?

VVSOR launched its regular journal STAtOR in April 2000. The magazine functions as the solid, binding element in the dynamic life of the society.

The article

Here is a small quote from the introduction of the article:

Introductie. Veel wetenschappers zoeken naar verbanden tussen ogenschijnlijk verschillende gebieden. Jaron Sanders zocht naar verbanden tussen draadloze netwerken en gassen van atomen, in de hoop op een vruchtbare kruisbestuiving tussen de wiskunde en natuurkunde (Sanders, 2011).

Looking for more?

You can find more of my publication on this page.