October 7, 2012

Achievable performance in product-form networks

We presented Achievable performance in product-form networks at Allerton 2012, which is joint work between Jaron Sanders, Sem C. Borst and Johan S.H. van Leeuwaarden. You can read it here.


We characterize the achievable range of performance measures in product-form networks where one or more system parameters can be freely set by a network operator. Given a product-form network and a set of configurable parameters, we identify which performance measures can be controlled and which target values can be attained. We also discuss an online optimization algorithm, which allows a network operator to set the system parameters so as to achieve target performance metrics. In some cases, the algorithm can be implemented in a distributed fashion, of which we give several examples. Finally, we give conditions that guarantee convergence of the algorithm, under the assumption that the target performance metrics are within the achievable range.

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