Contact Details

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, have a consulting assignment we can help with, want to jointly apply for funding, are looking for a public speaker, or have something else in mind, don’t hesitate. I welcome you to contact me, and to visit our research group!

Contact details

Here are my contact details:

E-mail address:
Telephone number (work): +31 (0)1527 87217
Office hours for BSc / MSc students: Every Thursday, 10:00 – 12:00.

Visit / Postal address

You can use the following address to send mail, or visit us:

dr. Jaron Sanders MSc
Delft University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science
Department of Quantum & Computer Engineering
Research group Network Architectures and Services
Building 36, Room HB 9.260
Mekelweg 4, 2628CD Delft, The Netherlands


It can be hard to find the right building on a university campus, so look for the following building:

EEMCS building
Building 36 (Electrical Engineering)

Map and Route Information

Here’s a map of the area and some information to find your way by car or public transport:

Traveling by car

  1. Approach from Highway A13 (The Hague – Rotterdam)
  2. Take exit 10 to Delft Zuid
  3. Take exit TU-wijk
  4. Follow the roadsigns
  5. Look for P Elektro
  6. Park at back side of building (Feldmannweg)

Traveling by public transport

  • Option 1. From station Delft, take RET bus 40 (to Rotterdam CS) and get off the bus at busstop “Cornelis Drebbelweg”
  • Option 2. From station Delft, take bus 69 (to TU Zuid) and get off the bus at busstop “Stieltjesweg”
  • Option 3. From station Delft take bus 121 (to Zoetermeer, Centrum West) and get off the bus at busstop “AULA”